Just for Parents

Dear Parents:

Sometimes I take off my “dentist” hat and put on my “mom” hat to help talk to parents about their children’s dental care. As a mom, I know what it is like to want the best for your children. Taking them to the dentist for regular care (much like we take them to the pediatrician for regular care) is part of that. An unhealthy mouth can lead to pain, poor self-esteem and infections that can affect the whole body.

Many parents want to know when to bring in their child for the first dental visit. The recommendation of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentists is to have all children seen by a dentist by his or her first birthday. This first appointment is a way for children to establish a “dental home” and gives dental professionals a chance to check early-erupting teeth and educate parents on how to care for their young child’s teeth and gums. At Maisch Family Dental we provide these infant exams for children age 1-3 and they are often covered in full by dental insurance. Even if you do not have insurance, please call to ask how we can work to help you with this important first visit!

After age 3, most children are capable of sitting in the dental chair and having their teeth cleaned and checked. Depending on the child, we are sometimes even able to take dental x-rays. If your child needs dental treatment, we will make every effort to see them here in our office. Should your child need more than we can offer, we have trusted pediatric dentists to whom we can refer.

We provide a full range of children’s dental services. I feel very strongly that all children should not only see a dentist, but should also have a positive first experience to set them up for a lifetime of good dental health. This is why my staff and I are passionate about treating children with the respect they deserve and making them as comfortable as possible.

Please ask if you have any questions that we can answer about your child’s dental health!


Dr. Jane Maisch, dentist and mom to Sam & Leah

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